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Jerry is strongly committed to giving back to the community. Feeling blessed by the love and support the public has given him throughout the years, Jerry is active in supporting several foundations and organizations that are doing phenomenal work for the good of others.
The Jerry Rice 127 Foundation

The Jerry Rice 127 Foundation provides financial support to agencies and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond dedicated to helping children and their families. Established in 1994, the goal of the 127 Foundation is simple: to help all children be the best they can be – give them hope and support to overcome life’s challenges and live up to their potential. Our belief is that children will make better choices in life, securing a brighter future, through the support of strong role models, encouragement and of course, love.

8 to 80 Zones are a collaboration between Steve Young (#8) and Jerry Rice (#80), which provides youth living in underserved communities the skills to pursue careers in technology, esports, gaming and media. 


8 to 80 Zones not only allow for artistic expression but also afford students the opportunity to gain training on industry-standard equipment and software in the areas of television, radio, voice recording, graphic design, and game development.

49ers Foundation

The 49ers Foundation harnesses football to educate and empower Bay Area Youth through a collective of innovative and community-focused strategies. From award-winning STEAM education and nationally recognized youth football programs, to impactful community partnerships with leading non-profits, we are tirelessly dedicated to inspiring the confidence and collaboration our youth need to tackle what is possible. Jerry serves as the Honorary Chairman. 



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